Oo La La Decorate with French or Paris Designed Decorative Plates

French or Paris motifs are romantic and add fun to your decor without leaving home.

First we have a decorative plate with a party girl with fun French script. What will she do today?

Maybe she is off to a glamorous hotel to have a snack on a decorative plate:
 Paris Hotel Decorative Plate

After that she might see some Paris sights--the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, sit in a cafe or do a little shopping. This decorative plate can inspire her:
Pastel Paris Decorative Plate.

She might buy herself a beautiful French Limoges Rose Plate for her Paris Apartment:
French Limoges Plate

Then back home to her Paris apartment on the streets of Paris as imagined on this cute square decorative plate:
Paris Drawn Decorative Plate.

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