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I have been so enjoying the eye candy over on Pinterest. Please visit my boards for inspiration. Here is a peek for RED.

Oo La La Decorate with French or Paris Designed Decorative Plates

French or Paris motifs are romantic and add fun to your decor without leaving home.

First we have a decorative plate with a party girl with fun French script. What will she do today?

Maybe she is off to a glamorous hotel to have a snack on a decorative plate:
 Paris Hotel Decorative Plate

After that she might see some Paris sights--the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe, sit in a cafe or do a little shopping. This decorative plate can inspire her:
Pastel Paris Decorative Plate.

She might buy herself a beautiful French Limoges Rose Plate for her Paris Apartment:
French Limoges Plate

Then back home to her Paris apartment on the streets of Paris as imagined on this cute square decorative plate:
Paris Drawn Decorative Plate.

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Decorating with Bird Plates ~ Timeless motif that is bright and cheery.

It is surprising how popular and classic bird motifs are in decorating. I see a bird theme on dishes from all ages and styles. Bird designs are uplifting and make our spirits "fly".
Yummy Rich Purple Black and White Bird Plate
Bright Cardinal on Winter Branch Plate 
Asian Chinoiserie Blue Bird Lattice Plate
Plate in a bird shape--lovely aqua blue color
Chinese Red Chinoiserie Motif with Bird
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Decorate with Glass Plates ~ Elegant and Chic Accents for Wall or Shelf

Most the plates in my boutique are ceramic or porcelain, but I can't resist when I find a beautiful glass plate. They are so jewel like with such lush colors. Glass tile or mosaics are very expensive, but you can dress up a room with a beautiful glass plate for a very reasonable cost.
Iridescent Marble Plate
Groovy Flower Power Glass Plate
Sweet Victorian Rose Girl Glass Plate
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Decorating with Italian (Made in Italy) Plates - Warm and Colorful Accent Pieces

Italian decorative dishes and plates are fun to add to your decor because they are colorful, warm, vibrant, and often hand painted in a carefree style. Shop online boutique for a nice selection of Italian Decorative Dishes as well as many other styles.

Bold Vibrant Italian Vintage Plate
Italian Hand Painted Handled Decorative Plate

Italian Blue and White Small Tray
Blue White Italian Small Wall Plaque

Hand painted vintage Italian floral Plate
Pretty Hand Painted Vintage Italian Pierced Plate

Women Cherish Their Dishes - A 1799 pioneer historical remembrance

In studying the history of a family primitive homestead painting ca.1775, I ran across a charming remembrance of my 4 x Great-grandmother, Hannah Brown Skinner, of the pioneer journey her family took in migrating from Bucks County, PA to found the town of Brownville, NY in 1799.

You can find the story here:

The whole story was charming to me, but as a dish lover this passage really struck me. Here is a 75 year old woman thinking back on a challenging part of her life when she was 15 years old and her memory involves taking care of her DISHES:

"Mrs. SKINNER thinks now, that she never felt so rich in the acquisition of any other article of household furniture whatever, as she did when she had persuaded her father to make a couple of rude shelves for dishes, by driving wooden pins into auger holes made for the purpose, in the logs, on the inside of their house, and placing rough hewed shelves upon them. Her crockery was now arranged in order, after the most approved notion of good taste, instead of being huddled together in some corner of the room, or shut in one of the pine board chests which had served as packing boxes for their "plunder"."


 Here are some pictures of a kitchen of this period from the Paddock Museum in Watertown, NY .


Decorating with Black and White Plates ~ Make a Statement ~ Clean and Crisp

The blog Pure Inspiration has some great tips for decorating your room with black and white:

If you choose to decorate with black and white add flair with decorative dishes and plates in black and white:
Black and White Decorative Plate with Red and Gray Accents

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